AngelaAngela's Portrait of the Month~March 2013

One of the most beautiful relationships to witness is the sweet bonding between parent and child.   This portrait of mother and baby is classic and timeless representation of their special bond.  Angela had photographed this gorgeous Mother and baby a couple of times before this session.  She photographed them while he was still in her belly with his Daddy, big brother and sister.  She also photographed him when he was just a few weeks old.  As his Mother watched her newborn rapidly grow she really wanted Angela to photograph again them before he got bigger and older.  She wanted their relationship captured to display on the wall in their home.   

No parent will dispute that infants seem to literally age before your eyes.  In what seems like a blink of an eye your tiny helpless baby will be crawling and walking.  We have been blessed and trusted by many parents over the years to portray their special relationships in timeless and classic portraiture.  Angela feels it is both a joy and pleasure to capture your relationships with your family.  Regardless of the age of your children, it is never too late to create loving and lasting memories. 

As Mother’s Day approaches please remember that portraits make wonderful gifts.  We can photograph you now (for a surprise gift) or you could purchase a gift certificate for the Mother in your life.  (Hint, hint Daddy you can get your wife a gift she really wants!) Simply contact us and we will be happy to help you give your Mommy a gift she will love forever! 

We sure hope that you have enjoyed this Angela’s Portrait of the Month as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you.  We will be back next month with another beautiful image for you.    Until then, be well and a wish you a very Happy Spring!

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Retro Kids by Angela Carson


It has been a fun and crazy couple of months around the studio.  Angela has been up to her usual non-stop activity.  A few months ago she started out on a quest to perfect a new type of portraiture she had been dreaming about in her head.  After hours of both work and play we are proud to announce “Retro Kids” by Angela Carson.  “Retro Kids” is our new line of vintage inspired portraits.

These portraits have a fun “Nostalgic/Rockwell” feeling to them.  In this portrait series we have used timeless clothing and props.  By using these elements we have also been able to incorporate our creative vision and add additional design elements in the images.  It is so much fun creating these images as the possibilities are endless as to what we can create.
We would love to add your children to our collection of “Retro Kids” portraits.  This is the perfect way for you to let your own personal creativity out and help us create a very unique portrait.  You could use props that you happen to have in your family.  You could also theme the portrait around any specific interests that you or your child has.  It is a fun way to get everybody involved a fun project that will give you the ultimate payoff in the end, a timeless family treasure for all to enjoy.
We hope that you have enjoyed our new “Retro Kids” portraits.  We are all excited for summer break to start the relaxation of the summer schedule, a well needed break for all.  Of course, summer is the best time of the year to be photographed.  Life is easier and a little bit of a tan always looks great in portraits.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.  We will be back next month to share another one of Angela’s Portraits of the Month.



Angela's Portrait of the Month 2012

Angela ran into our past client Lori Ann at our favorite salon (Salon Head West in Novi) around Christmas time.  As they sat and chatted, they discovered that both of them would be vacationing in Grand Cayman at the same time.  As the conversation continued, they talked about the beautiful weather, the gorgeous soft sandy beaches and the crystal blue water.  Their conversation quickly turned towards how incredible it would be for Angela to photograph them on the beach in Grand Cayman.  Before they knew it their plan was hatched and it was going to happen in just a couple of months.

And so it happened.  Angela helped Lori Ann shop for the right clothing; the perfect combinations of blues, greens, khaki and white to color harmonize with the water and beach.  They found styles that would be comfortable and complimentary to everyone in the portrait.  Angela really enjoyed playing personal shopper.  She even stopped in a Tommy Bahama store in Florida while there for a conference in January.  (That girl likes a project especially if it involves shopping!)  
Needless to say the portrait session was truly amazing!  The warm Caribbean breeze and beautiful colors of sunset created an extraordinary series of family portraits.  The real bonus of the session was that Lori Ann’s parents would be joining them on their vacation.  Angela included them in the portrait session with their daughter and her family as well as with their only grandchild.  Truly priceless!   Angela created portraits that will be a legacy in their family forever.  What an incredible experience for all!
When selecting Angela’s Portrait of the Month we usually try not to showcase an image that you can’t have.  We had to share this portrait and the story behind it.  We wish we could share their entire portrait collection, it is simply stunning!  Truth is, everyone can have their dream family portrait.  Where would your dream family portrait be taken?  Would it be on a beach at sunset, in Europe, at your cottage, your home, in Northern Michigan or how about on the beautiful beaches of Grand Cayman?  Angela will be back there next February!  The possibilities are endless.  
Angela loves a good challenge, traveling and making dreams come true for her clients.  Is this the year that you are going to give yourself the gift that only you can give yourself?  A one-of-a-kind family portrait and a wonderful and fun memory for you to enjoy the rest of your life. 
We will be back next month to share another one of Angela’s Portrait of the Month.  Until then be well and enjoy the incredible weather we are having. 


Angela's Portrait of the Month-January 2012



Children grow up before our eyes in what seems like just a blink of a moment.  It is mind boggling how fast they grow and change.  Angela’s Portrait of the Month this month is of darling 2 year old Lucas.  He is typical little boy, curious about his surroundings, a little rambunctious and he is just bursting with wonder of the world.  It quite obvious that he is also over-the-top adorable!  Those chubby cheeks, his Buddha belly and those baby toes.  You just want to hug and squeeze him all over!
When Angela photographed Lucas it was part of a series of portraits created to capture his family as it is now.  Little Lucas is about to become a big brother any day.  Lucas is part of a very special family.  His parents are really super people.  They are both so patient and kind.  Of course, they just adore their little guy.  He is at such a great age. Angela really wanted to make sure to capture his sweet hands with the little dimples on the knuckles from the baby chubs.  His adorable arms look like the Michelin man and his feet still look like Fred Flintstone’s.
Soon this little angel will be a big brother.  So much is his life going to change. Also in the next few months he will lose those little chubby cheeks and toes.  His face will lengthen and his legs will start stretching.  In no time he will be chatting up a storm.
Life passes by so fast. In what seems like an instant our children are all grown up.  Time doesn’t stop.  As you know, a portrait does stop time for a moment. Portraits will give you years and years of enjoyment.  A fine portrait is an investment in your family legacy that becomes more precious as time goes on. Angela always says “that your portraits will keep you company in your old age.” We can stop time for life’s special moments.  By taking a moment out of your busy schedule to have a portrait taken, you will guarantee that you will have those priceless moments forever.  You will be able to hang onto to your adorable baby just a little longer.
Thank you for letting us share sweet little Lucas with you. Next month we may share his baby’s sister’s first portraits as our featured portrait.  We can’t wait to meet her!  What a special moment that will be for their family as well as for us.  It is both an honor and pleasure to be trusted to create history for so many wonderful families.  Make sure that you don’t lose track of time and miss the chance to preserve your family and children forever (and frequently) in portraits.  You will be so happy that you did not only now, forever.  We will be back next month to share another one of Angela’s Portrait of the Month with you.

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Angela's Portrait of the Month-October 2011


Even though Angela is known for photographing people she really photographs relationships. Many people have said that their pets are their family. It only makes sense that a beautiful portrait of your cherished pet will become a family heirloom. 

Mickey is the kind of doggie that brings joy to all that know him. He is a very sweet doggie that is just happy to be around people. He was fun for Angela to photograph and he was a very good sport and let her pose him in several ways. This portrait of his face was a favorite. You can see the kindness in his eyes and he really does have a beautiful expression. (Yes, dogs do have expressions!)
We have always included pets in family portraits and it has been very popular this year to include pets in High School Senior portraits. It is very fun for us to get to know the four legged members of your family too.
This is the perfect time of the year to create gift portraits for the holidays. We would love to design a gorgeous family portrait for you. We also love to create unique custom designed Holiday cards for our clients. They are such a fun way to share Holiday wishes and love with the important people in your lives. We would love to see you, meet your furry family members and photograph them. A portrait of your pet also makes a great surprise Holiday gift for the hard to shop for person on your gift list. Portraits do make amazing gifts.
It is hard to believe that it is November. Where did 2011 go? In a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving and then we enter the race to Christmas and then to the New Year. We wish you many blessings with your family. We will see you next month to share another one of Angela’s Portraits of the Month.

September's Portrait of the Month


This month we had another monumental event happen, WE FINALLY GOT THIS FAMILY PORTRAIT TAKEN!  Angela called this session 24 crazy Greeks and a photographer (A Greek one no less!).   We have been honored over many years to capture this family’s history in portraits.  We have watched this family grow and change.  We have created pre-natal, newborn, baptism, children’s, family and beach portraits. 
The last time we photographed their extended family 12 years ago there were 8 less grandchildren.  For several years we have been trying to update their family portrait and it seemed at times it would take an act of congress or God for that to happen.  Everybody is busy and all of us have our own schedules.  We finally had a date selected, the weather had other plans for us.  Once we found another weekend to create the portraits, summer turned to fall and then we had to change the clothing.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  
We know that it takes a bit of compromise on everybody’s part to gather 24 people.  A compromise that is so well worth it.  For years to come this portrait is going to bring enjoyment to all who are in it.  It will also bring joy to the family members yet to come.  No one will ever remember that they missed a game or dinner date the day this was taken.  All that will remain is the portrait and the memory of the family all together having fun. 
Family portraits are much more than a record in time of what you look like.  When you have a Family portrait displayed in your home it tells the world “Our family is most important to us”.  They reinforce to children and grandchildren the values of your family.  We feel that your portrait is a “priceless family heirloom”.  We promise you that your Family portraits will keep you company in your old age and warm your heart every time you look at them.  GUARNTEED!
How many things can you invest in that are guaranteed to go up in value every year?  No one ever ran out of their burning house with their cool new TV or designer outfit.  If you need any more reasons to make your family portrait a priority just give us a call.  Your family is an extension of our family and we would love to help you capture that forever.  Thank you so much to the 24 crazy Greeks for making us at home, the laughs and kind words.  But most of all, thanks for sharing your family with us.  We will be back again next month to share another one of Angela’s Portrait of the Month.

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Angela's Portrait of the Month-August 2011

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Photographing three rambunctious little boys can be a challenge. A very energy filled and fun challenge! Last week when Angela photographed these 3 brothers was no different. Of course, she was up to the challenge. Actually, Angela often says that she thinks like a 7 year old boy, so she fit right in.
The boy’s parents were looking for a relaxed portrait of them together in a unique location. After a little searching they found the perfect place to photograph the boys. Angela created a beautiful series of portraits of them together having fun and being “boys”. As the sun was starting to set she was determined to settle the boys down and create a portrait of their relationship together. After a little wrangling Angela was finally able to create the image she had been dreaming up in her mind.
Angela often refers to “storytelling” portraits as “the portrait that will keep you company in your old age”. All parents know their children love each other. Often in the daily grind of life you don’t get to see much of that. Angela feels it is very important to create natural and playful images of children and families together. However, she feels it also just as important to tell the stories of the relationships in your family in her portraits too. We are sure that you would agree that Angela’s mission accomplished with these 3 little men!
Creating portraits on location is a favorite of Angela’s. Even though the summer is coming to a close, we can still create amazing outdoor portraits for several more weeks. September is a great time of the year to be photographed outdoors. The weather is just perfect. If you like the colors of Fall, October is the time of year to be photographed. Now is the time to start planning your outdoor location portrait session. Angela’s schedule this fall is very busy and we suggest that you contact us very soon to start planning a unique and memorable portrait session for you.

We hope that you have enjoyed a glimpse of what Angela has been photographing this past month. We appreciate your interest and as always we love to share it with you. We will be back next month to share another one of Angela’s Portrait of the Month.

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